SAP Hybris Project Support

I was asked to support a SAP Ecommerce project within the field of B2B sales where a Canadian company, specialized on selling rails in bundles, had complex requirements regarding their ecommerce solution. There was a custom tax-logic, present in an underlying SAP portal, to be used, a stock-check-logic to be adapted and several workflows to be designed. A key success factor was an efficient customization architecture. All extensions had to support a painless SAP Hybris upgrade and stay as close to the “commercial off the shelf” product as possible. The complexity of SAP Hybris was challenging and a lot of system documentation was required to make the right architectural decisions.

Logistics Service Portal

As an external consultant, I supported the company to fulfill the continuous change requests that arose from new customers and evolving business processes. The main activities were designing system- and data-architectures, developing “Key Performance Indicators”, integrating external customer- and vendor systems and communicating performance reports to the management board. From a technological perspective, SQL Server was the main database system and several loaders were developed to satisfy the customers’ requirements. Those included JSON, XML, CSV and many custom formats. For a self-service-portal-realization, Sharepoint 2010 was positioned in the corporate infrastructure and I supported Cargoe with consulting services as well as with development services. Mostly in the field of security and multi-tenant capabilities.

Oracle 11g replication: Proof of concept

The challenge was to design an alternative replication concept for Oracle 11g databases that are currently using Oracle advanced replication. The used solution lacked in replicating DDL changes, was difficult to maintain and the used Oracle streams became deprecated with Oracle 12c. The requirements for the new concept with Dell Shareplex included an implementation of security policies that were implemented using Oracle VPD, the detection of geometry changes, DDL replication and supporting complex multi-master-processes with advanced filtering and simple ETL-tasks. For the final presentation, a NodeJS server was set up to run automated SQL unit tests with multi-host support. This tool allowed the execution of sql commands on one Oracle, monitoring of Dell Shareplex activities and the verification based on expected results on the target Oracle.

Enterprise Job Portal Version 2

The enterprise job portal mentioned earlier in this project history received a web-rewrite after 18 months in production where the mature core-project with its database abstraction, business logic and event bus was ported over to the latest .NET framework (4.5). This was required due to the fast progress in web-development and the availability of mature mobile-first frameworks, webkit, mobile-browser-storage etc. Some of the changed visualization concepts include the usage of ReactJS for lists, grids and views. Bootstrap 3 for basic UIs. SignalR for push-capabilities to the clients.

To reduce costs, the underlying database was replaced by PostgreSQL and it's TS Vector data type was used to implement a fulltext search for the portal.

Enterprise Spatial Data Information System

The Royal Commission of Jubail is administrating the largest petrochemical industry park in the work. The development of the infrastructure of this industrial city is very dynamic environment resulting in huge challenges for the data administration and information management. The initiation of the ESDIM (Enterprise Spatial Information Management Project) is due to the non-existence of a data management/transfer system in the organization and a “Silo” based approach triggering the main goal to move to a total collaborative enterprise. RCJ needs data management control objectives that define the ultimate goal of implementing collaboration, efficiency, policies, plans, procedures, and organizational structures. Data, processes and the IT that supports it represent the most valuable asset of RCJ. I am the SME for the definition and implementation of the according Spatial Master Data Management infrastructure and data governance procedures. This includes the activities of: Data Profiling, definition Data Quality Assurance procedures, design and implementation of a harmonized spatial data model, uplink of business data, definition of data management and maintenance procedures,...

Oracle performance analysis

Innowake replaced the enterprise ADABAS system with an Oracle 11g database and rebuilt the business logic used on the mainframe. During the implementation phase, they were facing performance issues in batch processing and requested a detailed system architecture analysis and Oracle performance monitoring to identify the bottlenecks. As a final result, I delivered a detailed report and a recommendation paper how to fix the performance issues.

Enterprise Job Portal

act3 is a brand communication company, working exclusively for the adidas AG. To manage their pool of freelancers and optimize event- and job-management, a web portal with connected mobile apps was requested. I analyzed legacy data and business processes to create the solution concept and related requirement specifications. During the development and implementation phase were my responsibilities the project- and contractor-management (including remote development-teams). Furthermore I developed the REST service in the cloud, designed and implemented the data model and worked on quality assurance and user acceptance testing.

Track and Trace Solution

CARGOE is a logistics company founded by PGV Austria GmbH and Morawa. For extending current business, a track and trace solution was needed to offer further B2B delivery- and pick- up-services. In a first step, I analyzed offers by software vendors and delivered a recommendation paper. Based on this recommendation, CARGOE decided to build on existing in-house systems and I analyzed business processes in detail to deliver a solution concept. From the project start on, I was responsible for contractor management, project management and the service-layer. In the second phase, I took the lead in business intelligence harmonization, geo-support and portal development.

Teaching application development

I am responsible for the study module “AppDev” in the master studies. Grading student assignments, course material development and development-consulting are some of my tasks.

Oman National Spatial Strategy

Spatial data and -analysis began to play a major role at the customers’ organizations. Therefore, the ONSS project where I was involved as PRIMEBIRD employee, aimed towards the vision to have a spatial data infrastructure in place. Within the course of the project, use-cases and requirements were identified and documented. Different entry-level scenarios developed and processes for data updating, harmonization, usage, visualization etc. modeled. The document that was created by the whole project team included up to now a detailed implementation plan and system design, describing how the needs and requirements of the customer will be met and realized.

Web-based cold chain tracking solution

In this project, sensor data with location information had to be represented in a PostgreSQL database and visualized through a JSP web application. Beside the measured values at each location, the network of sensors and its visualization was an important criterion. OpenLayers was used to merge the different data-sources like the sensor data, geonames and OpenStreetMap background map data. To guarantee the interoperability of the application, it was designed to support OGC WMS and WFS services. The implementation of a GeoServer ensured the usability of the sensor data in third-party (OGC WMS supporting) applications.

Research projects

Secure Routing

The goal of this research project was the creation of a concept for a “secure routing” based on generic influences. For the scope of work, we took near-real-time weather data, road statistics and road characteristics into consideration. My responsibility was the technical system specification, the process automation regarding “data merging”, data model development and business process identification.

Sensor based transport optimization

The goal of this research project was the creation of a transport optimization prototype, using real-time sensor data. Dispatchers were able to automatically calculate optimized routes for waste-collection-trucks based on real-time container-fill-levels. Within this project, I was responsible for the prototype development from scratch and connecting it to the routing engine, developed by Salzburg Research using AJAX technology and a service-oriented approach. Furthermore the usability and performance-optimization (database and web-portal) have been optimized. I was using state of the art object relational mappers and database abstraction layers.

3D building models in Oracle 11g

While the 3d- modeler is able to build visual models, and doesn’t care about projections and coordinate systems, the geoinformatic scientist is in most cases not able to build these advanced visual models. Filling this gap between geography, architecture and computer science brings up a wide range of new possibilities to use this data: Building energy analysis can be done on the web, models of buildings for google earth can be created automatically, indoor routing services for big buildings can be set up within a few minutes and much more. This master thesis concerned itself with ways to make three-dimensional building models interoperable. To achieve this goal, a solution was developed to convert and store these models in databases. The sample building was stored as a set of three-dimensional geometries in Oracle 11g and automatically visualized in google earth with the ability to retrieve visual results of spatial queries.